The video goes a long way to helping to understand  some of the

thoughts and considerations that are involed with electrical installation.

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Even though we try our upmost  to keep the work area clean and tidy. It will be best if you can cover most thing over before work  commences. For further infomation and advice visit



  -During any installation it is most likely the power will need to be

   turned off.

  -Installation of new circuits may invole the lifting of floor boards and

   carpets  being replaced and made good  after work  is completed.

  -Recessed cable runs , socket outlets and light switchs etc; will

   require the chiselling out of walls producing dust and noise. This will also invole plastering after (Which we can arange for you if required ) and redecoration of the wall after the work is completed. There are  other alternatives which can also be discussed if needed.

The Electrical Safety Council

0115 8491768 or 07538770735

0115 8491768 or 07538770735

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